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Inca inspired show garden at Hampton Court

Surrey Hills Landscapes were the contractor for Journey Latin Americas "Inca Garden" for Hampton Court Flower Show in 2016. Dense native tropical foliage surrounds the garden’s entrance and veils a dramatic three-tiered terrace evoking the famous terraces of Machu Picchu. The garden is planted with traditional Inca crops including maize, potato and quinoa, while the intricate stone walling pays homage to the trademark work of highly skilled Inca masons. The sound of falling water creates a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere and completes the four cosmological principles which the Incas believed originated from their goddess Pachamama (Mother Earth): sun, moon, earth and water. This project was deconstructed after the show and all materials were re-used with the planting donated. Designed by Jennifer Jones

  • Breaking ground on day 1
  • Breaking ground on day 1
  • Excavation and membrane
  • Recycled sub-base going down
  • Delivery of our granite for the walling and some assorted large boulders to play with.
  • Gabion baskets filled with crushed limestone are used to create the framework for our terracing
  • Day 8 and the rain is coming down so the gazebo goes up
  • Terracing almost there !
  • The build team at the end of day 10
  • Stonework completed
  • Our tropical planting arrives on day 11
  • The view to the summit
  • Granite seating area and firepit
  • The view from the top
  • Traditional Inca crops and water feature
  • In Inca culture "Pachamama" is a fertility goddess who presides over planting and harvesting
  • Day 15 and relax
  • Ready for the public

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December 7, 2015