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Leaving a lasting legacy

The environment, climate change and loss of biodiversity are quite rightfully at the forefront many people’s minds including our own and we believe that sustainability should be a key part of every project we undertake.

Sustainable design may sound restrictive but clever design and imagination coupled with the right materials and techniques allow us to create outdoor spaces that are contemporary, functional and practical as well as being less carbon intensive to construct.

We can design and create landscapes that work more in harmony with local eco-systems by designing planting schemes that marry the cultivated with the wild, working with the characteristics of your garden so that we can enrich and increase bio-diversity, giving a much needed boost to our vital pollinators and natural pest controllers,  creating a balanced ecosystem that supports itself.

Greener gardens, with living walls and sedum roofs can create a more comfortable living space and with the warming trend in the UK set to bring longer and hotter summers, they can absorb heat, cooling and humidify the surrounding air while absorbing greenhouse gases, air pollution and dust.

Construction of rainwater harvesting and irrigation systems that collect rainwater from roofs and permeable paving means better management of  our precious water , saving both time and money while home composting systems can be created to improve soils in your garden rather than relying on peat based composts whose extraction is causing irreparable damage to precious natural habitats which are also vital carbon sinks.

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For 2020 we are teaming up with community tree planting enterprise “Roots for the Future” who aim to cultivate a lasting legacy of environmental sustainability by engaging local communities in tree planting.

It is our hope that through a mixture of the above initiatives will help reduce the impact of our construction work while leaving a lasting legacy for future generations to come.

We will be offering our clients the option to replant any felled trees and offset carbon generated from their projects construction.