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As member of the Association of Professional Landscapers we answered a call to arms to support new MAPL designer Mike Long with his creation “A Place To Meet Again”.

The APL engaged its supportive community to bring together 12 APL member landscape companies along with a collection of students and volunteers. It also received support from fantastic sponsors to help put together this amazing small garden.

“A Place to Meet” has been a running theme of APL gardens over the last five years. The designs are set to inspire the visiting public to create their own places to meet in their garden space, or to have them created by APL designers and contracting members.

This year it was a contemporary styled garden using straight lines and rectilinear shapes, encompassing a range of upcycled and re-purposed features. It contains an area to lounge, a bar area and other features to create interest throughout the scheme.

The main paths have been laid in a smooth sandstone with Dutch styled pavers breaking up the hard landscaping into zones whilst subtly complimenting the existing boundary wall.

The lounge area is sunken to make you feel hugged within your surroundings and the water feature with RSJ steps adds a calmness to the space.

The planting compliments the contemporary style with colours kept to a palette of whites, greens and creams. Sculptured topiary bushes will add structure and various trees and bushes will add height.

The inclusion of the recycled and re-purposed pergola made from oak pillars and scaffolding bars are a focal point to the garden. The scaffold theme is also in the deck and gin bar where we will all be able to meet… again!

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